Important information for your secure wholesale trade on the Internet in Europe

Benefit from the unique safety in wholesale purchase on the leading buyer's network for internet wholesale in Europe.

As a member of the you do not only benefit from the convenient access to a huge range of products from european suppliers, but for the first time you can also compare wholesale prices across suppliers quickly and easily.
With the for buyers free TradeSafe order and payment processing in the you are able to order products throughout Europe easily on the Internet and with full BtoB Buyer Protection.

The international TradeSafe processing and service gives you a reliable protection against delivery failures, wrong delivery, terms and conditions-traps and delayed delivery and provides you with personal support in commercial purchasing in 7 European countries.


Important for your safety!

1. Order and pay your transactions only through the services and web-sites of TradeSafe.
Suppliers, who are trying to bypass TradeSafe, are usually not very reliable. Suppliers are obligated to offer you always the "best" price, also with the TradeSafe proccesing. Please report attempts to bypass.

2. Check all the information and images on the offered product before ordering and make sure that they meet your expectations.
Read the information in the order information for the specified delivery time, which refers to the time after your payment to TradeSafe.
The TradeSafe buyers protection guarantees with its fair-trade policy the ordered service and products. But the receiving of a general right of withdrawal as in the consumer business is legally not possible.

3. For any questions about the product and price negotiations please use the chat function of your request. Only in this way all the promises are clearly documented and can be guaranteed later by the TradeSafe process.
The supplier has with its provider function all possibilities to give you special discounts and delivery terms.

Open up the benefits of e-commerce and the potential of Europe for your wholesale business.

For questions or if you need support, please contact the zentrada TradeSafe team anytime at 0049 931-35981-50 or

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